Image of Hedersleben 4  - Orbit - CD (Signed)
  • Image of Hedersleben 4  - Orbit - CD (Signed)

Hedersleben 4 - Orbit - CD (Signed)

by Hedersleben

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New Line-up return with a new album 'Orbit'

Time & Matter are proud to be stocking the latest offering from Nicky Garratt's Hedersleben and Nicky has very generously written a track by track synopsis for us.

The full article can be viewed on the Time & Matter website.

All copies are signed by Nicky Garratt.

Judas Star (Garratt)

This was written as the album opener. It's based on an organ riff with just the melody played on guitar and violin.

Rarefied Air (Garratt/Kim/Previn)

I woke up in the middle of the night with this riff in my head and jotted it down using my iPad and an ever present guitar beside my bed. At Jai Young's place we fleshed it out a little and a few days later he sent me an updated version with some nice parts he'd added. Alicia wrote the lyrics and melody.

Where Sebastian Lies (Garratt)

I managed to combine my life long obsession with Johann Sebastian Bach and my love of Science Fiction in this goodbye to Earth as our asteroid speeds to its perigee.
Alicia sang it originally but under a bit of pressure from the band I took a shot at it as I had on the demo. For that it might get cut... We'll see after it's mixed. The music is rather church organ like.

History Of Light (Kim/Previn)

Jai Young's nod to Bowie after his death last winter. With that subject matter, Alicia wrote the lyrics as a tribute but also keeping it within our concept.

Be There (Kim/Garratt)

Based on music by Jai Young, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek lyric about the trust that the sun will be there to complete the orbit, but it's also a comic metaphor for awkward relationships.

Perigee (Miller)

This track written by Doc, and featuring him on classical guitar is slated to close the album. With a little mellotron and my acoustic lead at the very end, Doc pretty much holds the fort on this one.

Walk Above The Clouds (Garratt/Previn)

21 April - in the studio - click to enlargeThis is a strange little song. I always loved the way the second part of John Coltrane's ‘A Love Supreme’ just bursts in. While the intro to ‘Walk Above The Clouds’ is not really influenced by that record, I wanted it to burst in. I wrote the lyrics and the vocal melody is Alicia's.

Apogee (Garratt)

I played this odd demo to Jai Young and he persuaded me to use it on the album. It's in two halves. The first is a hypnotic repetitive organ pattern, then the band enters and plays a big riff to the end. I hum along. That's it!

Hedersleben (Dreamstate) (Garratt)

Tranquillity in the fields behind my farm in Hedersleben. These are memories I hang on to, only being free to visit each summer for our party/jam. It made me think how much more ephemeral and strange those memories would be out where the sun is almost as dim as the other stars. The lyrics are descriptions of the place. Jai Young plays the first solo on mini Moog but the second is Alicia's violin solo through a ring modulator - you would never know it's a violin.

Distant Sun (Garratt)

Studio - September 22nd 2016 - Nicky - click to enlargeOur orbit reaches its apogee and the sun is just another star. I brought this in as a demo, but it is pretty out there and very slow. The vocals are by Doc and Alicia in harmony.

Gravity Assist (Garratt)

A krautrock Amon Düül II influenced 12-string guitar instrumental. This is one of the first pieces we rehearsed. It has some tricky timing and time signatures."

Hedersleben are:
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Jai Young Kim - keyboards
John Daren Thomas - drums
Doc Miller - bass
Alicia Previn - violin