Image of Hedersleben 1 - Upgoer - CD (Signed)

Hedersleben 1 - Upgoer - CD (Signed)

by Hedersleben

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First release by experimental kraut rock outfit Hedersleben featuring ex-Subs Nicky Garratt and Jason Willer.

Autographed by Nicky Garratt.

Nicky gave T&M an exclusive insight into the tracks:

I envisioned the first 3 Hedersleben LPs from the band’s inception.
It's Time and Matter - or strictly Time and Space - in a sense.
The first album 'Upgoer' is about humanities ultimate goal of going up.

Upgoer (part one)
We look up! You will hear the sounds of Earth and at the end the voice is a recording of the last speaker of a dead language.
Der Donnervogel (Dreamstate)
Up we go and we pass, allegorically, through the mythical Thunderbird constellation.
Dark Nebula
Thoughts during the journey. (Words by K. Bean).
Upgoer (Part 2)
The expansive galaxy engulfs the ship as do the possibilities.
The End of Love. (Dreamstate)
The crew emerge from the cryogenic machines. To them they have just said their goodbyes to lovers, friends and families who have, by now been dead for thousands of years.


1) Upgoer (Part 1)
2) Der Donnervogel (Dreamstate)
3) Dark Nebula
4) Upgoer (Part 2)
5) End Of Love (Dreamstate)

Nicky Garratt- Guitars
Kephera Moon- Keys
Kati Knox- Vocals
Bryce Shelton- Bass
Jason Willer- Drums/Percussion