Image of HI-FI Spitfires - England Screaming CD

HI-FI Spitfires - England Screaming CD

by HI-FI Spitfires

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T&M are chuffed to now be able to offer copies of Subs axe-man's, Stephen Straughan, first release with HI-FI Spitfires - 'England Screaming'.

ThePunkSite.Com rated their debut as "impressive" and described the band as "...heavily influenced by the likes of Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash and The Ruts, but that’s not to say that they are some dated anachronism, they take their lead from the first wave of punk rock but they have taken it and made it there own..."

Track Listing:
01. 37 Hours
02. Write It On The Rooftops
03. Broadway Fugitive
04. Between Here & Sanity
05. Cold Blood
06. Cover Up
07. Brickwalls & Barricades
08. Hate & Glory
09. Real Detonator
10. Doin' Alright For A Dead Man
11. Biggest Blunder
12. Vertical Hold
13. Satellite Boys
14. M.G.C