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HI-FI Spitfires - Nightraid CD

by HI-FI Spitfires

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Ahead of the forthcoming UK winter tour, T&M thought that it would offer Subs fans the chance to purchase some CDs of new guitarist Steve Straughan's previous and side project bands, so you can hear how superb his other work beside the Subs is!

Therefore, we have limited stock now available in the T&M webstore for your convenience and listening pleasure of the following:


Hi -Fi Spitfires are a 3 piece punk rock band, formed in mid 2008, the 'Heart Of A Punk, Soul Of A Rasta' online zine said "Hi-Fi Spitfires... blur somewhere between "Give 'Em Enough Rope" and "Inflammable Material..." Bloody brilliant in other words!

>>> NIGHTRAID is their second CD album released in 2016 <<<

"...their debut album was impressive but Nightraid feels like an altogether more accomplished beast. Hi-Fi Spitfires are unsurprisingly heavily influenced by the likes of Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash and The Ruts, but that’s not to say that they are some dated anachronism, they take their lead from the first wave of punk rock but they have taken it and made it there own, as a result Nightraid is a contemporary slightly harder edged interpretation..." ThePunkSite.Com

"This is a very accomplished album from a band that are grass roots DIY punk rock, that alone would be a reason to support them but forget about that for a moment, just focus on the fact that this is a great album regardless of how it came into being. As long as bands like Hi-Fi Spitfires are keeping the grass roots of punk alive and well then we’ll know our scene is in safe hands..." ThePunkSite.Com


New Suit
Double Crossing Blues
Battlefield of Dreams
The Darkest Day
On The Outside
Poet of Suburbia
Suzy is a Sniper
57th Zone
Dead Utopia