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Sam Jones - Retrospective CD

by Sam Jones

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Sam Jones ‘Retrospective’ album

U.K. Subs followers will recall that Time & Matter Records released a limited edition 7” single back in 2014 entitled ‘Featuring Charlie Harper’, of which one side was Sam Jones’ ‘band’ The Berlin Lights’ ‘Hit The Floor’ track which included some great harmonica from the Subs’ main man.
Having only previously appeared on the aforementioned vinyl release, ‘Hit The Floor’ is now set to be available on CD for the first time on this compilation of Sam Jones previous recordings, via his own imprint Camouflage Records.
Sam is currently working on recording with ‘Angry Town’, with their band line-up featuring John Robb, of The Membranes, Goldbalde and the ‘Louder Than War’ website/magazine fame.
Time & Matter have a handful of these 24 track ‘Retrospective’ promo prototype/CDr CDs in their webstore, which includes the Charlie harmonica infused ‘Hit The Floor’ 7” as well as two other versions of the track. The promo CD also includes Sam’s work with Brian James of The Damned.

Sam Jones – Retrospective Press Release Summer 2018

‘Retrospective’ is a collection of full-band electric tracks reflecting the long term musical activity of British singer/songwriter and guitarist Sam Jones. A total of 27 tracks compiled from studio recordings made between 2002 and 2014 will be released; all the tracks were originally recorded as Sam Jones, The Berlin Lights or The Artists Rifles. The album is being released to promote Sam’s new band Angry Town who have been busy bringing many of these songs to the stage, some for the first time.

Some notable contributors to the album include Charlie Harper of U.K. Subs, Brian James of The Damned/The Dripping Lips, Persian John of Anti-Nowhere League, Malcolm Joseph of Grace Jones’ band, Robbie Kelman of The Dripping Lips/The Kinky Beats, Richard Marcangelo of Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Danny Ward of Gengahr and Tony Piper of Vice Squad.

The album is mainly produced by Sam Jones who, in particular oversaw the artistic direction of The Berlin Lights’ recording, mixing and editing sessions. Malcolm Joseph is credited as producing ‘Pay Your Dues’, ‘Nightgirl’ and 'Black River' as well as playing bass on the latter two tracks. ‘Fire In The Rain’ was produced by none other than the aforementioned punk pioneer Brian James.

The connection with Brian James runs deeper as 'Where The Wild Wind Goes' was produced by Robbie Kelman who fronted The Dripping Lips in Brussels where the track was recorded. Since these recording sessions took place Sam Jones went on to join a re-formed version of (Robbie Kelman’s) The Kinky Beats for a short period along with The Voice Belgique quarter finalist Belinda De Bruyn who he formed a short-lived duo with, performing at Wiel's Renard Noir in Brussels. Angry Town owes homage to the songwriting of Brian James with their cover of 'New Rose' recorded in Poland and released as a single on Polish Christmas Day in 2017!

Since 2016 Sam has embarked on 3 European tours as a solo performer playing some pretty impressionable one man shows. Milestones including a support slot for guitar legend Jennifer Batten at Hard Rock Pub Pamela, Toruń in Poland where he has since resided. These shows were mainly focused on his slide guitar playing reflected in the release of two download singles ‘Hell’s Bank Note’ and ‘The Walker’ (not included on this album) in January 2017.

1. Hit The Floor
2. Fire In The Rain
3. Pay Your Dues
4. Hot Cold Baby
5. The Way She Is
6. Out On The Road
7. Walking In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
8. Boredom Drug
9. Nightgirl
10. Gothi
11. I'm Down When She's Down
12. Black River
13. Let Me Go
14. Ghost Of Eve
15. Where The Wild Wind Goes
16. Dark Arches
17. Hit The Floor (God of Thunder mix)
18. Hit The Floor (7" version)
19. The Way She Is (produced by Brian James)
20. Out On The Road (demo)
21. Boredom Drug (alternative mix)
22. Boredom Drug (produced by Brian James)
23. Ghost Of Eve (full length version)
24. Keep Them In Sight