Image of The Bad Breed - The Bad Breed E.P.
  • Image of The Bad Breed - The Bad Breed E.P.

The Bad Breed - The Bad Breed E.P.

by The Bad Breed


Finest twisted Rock'n'roll and gutter exotica from south London featuring Urban Dogs drummer, Matthew Best.

Colbert Hamilton - Vocals
Oli Katz - Guitar
Richard Spyers - Guitar
Chris Tymon - Double trouble bass
Matthew Best - Drums

Colbert Hamilton has fronted The Nitros, The Hellrazors and Holyman Jones, plus released solo albums as well as recording with Phil Lynott. He also does a good turn with an Elvis song.
Oli Katz from Orange in France, where he played with The Ramblers and The Axe Murderers before moving to London and playing with The Cannibals before forming The Bad Breed.
Richard Spyers has twanged his way through various bands including Vegas Trip, The Purple Gang and Janey & the Ravemen.
Matthew Best has sat in the driving seat for many artists from Captain Sensible to Paul Ansell, the Urban Dogs and U.K. Subs.
Chris Tymon slaps and whacks that bass like it's done him wrong.

The first release from the Bad Breed, 10" Vinyl 6-track E.P.

Side 1:
Daddy Rolling Stone
The Dirty Dog
Sea Of Love

Side 2:
Flood Of Love