Image of The Ramonas - First World Problems - Blue vinyl LP

The Ramonas - First World Problems - Blue vinyl LP

by Charlie Harper
and The Ramonas

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All female Ramones tribute act, The Ramonas, released a brand new album of all original material entitled 'First World Problems' in November 2017 featuring the harmonica playing talents of Charlie Harper.

Charlie plays on 'Tearaway' after asking the band if he could play on one of their tracks.

T&M have previously stock copies of the original yellow pressing, which has now sold out, so the band have pressed another 300 copies on blue.

'Treble with the bass' website gave the album a glowing review stating; "This is definitely an album The Ramonas should be proud of and for any Punk fans out there it is a definite one for the list. The album with all its grit and edge is everything Punk stands for."

Best known for their blistering sets of Ramones songs, 'First World Problems' sees the band blossom as song writers in their own right and can be currently seen playing sets of all original material up and down the country, including a support slot with the U.K. Subs at Warehouse 23 in Wakefield on the 24th of November.

Side 1:
1. 2016 (£**k Thi$)
2. Roadkill
3. Zombie Crawl
4. Poser
5. First World Problems
6. The Daily Fail
7. Tearaway
Side 2:
1. Cotton Wool Kids
2. I Can’t Cope
3. Sue Me
4. Quarter Life Crisis
5. Ramonas go to Freiburg
6. V.O.I.D
7. Microwave Mandy