U.K. SUBS - Reverse Engineering - LIMITED EDITION CD

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U.K. SUBS - Reverse Engineering - LIMITED EDITION CD

T&M are pleased to be able to offer shipping from the UK for this new limited edition U.K. Subs CD on Cleopatra Records.

"The final curtain call from one of Britain’s most popular punk rock exports, UK Subs!
Still led by the indomitable Charlie Harper along with long-time bassist Alvin Gibbs, the band concludes their incredible career with one of their fiercest albums to date – just check out the first single and leadoff track “Sensei!”

Also available on GREEN and GOLD vinyl!


Track Listing

01. Sensei
02. Political Alamo
03. C60 Audio
04. Slavery
05. Hoist The Sale
06. Big Foot
07. Kill Me
08. Statements
09. The Night Holds The Key
10. Vision And Sound
11. Bad Acid
12. Godot