TIME & MATTER RECORDINGS was set up as a 'not for profit company' in February 2010, existing purely to put out previously un-released or no longer available U.K. Subs material with all the proceeds going to charity.

In 2012 the Time & Matter partnership decided to branch out from its charity releases and formed a brand new record label entitled TIME & MATTER RECORDS. Operating as a commercial section under the Time & Matter Recordings 'umbrella', Time  & Matter Records releases also share the T&M prefix on their catalogue numbers. Artists released include U.K. Subs, Urban Dogs, Charlie Harper and Captain Sensible.

2017 saw a second subsidiary label started, called THYME & MATTAR RECORDS, which is for non-U.K. Subs artists. Also sharing the same T&M prefix on their catalogue numbers, the first releases include bespoke limited edition 7" singles from 90s band The Embezzlers as well as a comedy CD from the legendary lo-fi genius Martin Newell, of Cleaners From Venus fame!

For more info about our releases, past and present, visit the official U.K.Subs online archive; www.uksubstimeandmatter.net

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