T&M 046: Alvin Gibbs 'Diminished Responsibility - My life as a U.K. Sub...' - Volume II

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T&M 046: Alvin Gibbs 'Diminished Responsibility - My life as a U.K. Sub...' - Volume II

Alvin's second volume of memoirs covers 11 years of his fascinating and entertaining life story from his leaving the U.K. Subs in 1983, to the break up of Cheap And Nasty in 1994.

Foreword by Ginger Wildheart

In this enthralling and thrilling rollercoaster of a narrative, you'll share Alvin's experiences of touring the world with the Iggy Pop Band, his post-U.K. Subs band with Nicky Garratt, Alvin nearly dying at EMI, his working with the deceased, the perils of parachuting, battles with the taxman over the Subs' management mishandling, his falling in love with Martial Arts, the ups and downs of his marriage whilst being a touring musician, Alvin's joining of Hanoi Rocks (briefly), holidays to India, China, Egypt and Japan amongst other wonderful places, his relocation to California and then back to London, the tale of the formation, endeavours, battles and eventual sad demise of Cheap And Nasty, playing gigs with Johnny Depp, recording the Subs' re-union LP 'Killing Time' and surviving the 1987 Whittier Narrows 5.9-degree magnitude earthquake.
And if that isn't a seismic synopsis enough for you, then add to all that the fact that this glorious second volume is fully illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs from Alvin's personal archive.


Vive Le Rock Best Book of the Year 2020

"Alvin writes with a real flair and eloquence missing from most rock biographies and his memory and attention to detail is outstanding... a brilliant fly on the wall read that any U.K. Subs or punk fan will have to own..."

Eugene Butcher - Vive Le Rock magazine review

"Gibbs’ descriptive prose and humorous anecdotes would entertain even readers unfamiliar with the Subs music..."

Jennifer Upton - Womanycom

"Obviously I can’t recommend this book highly enough but not just for fans of The UK Subs, Iggy Pop, Cheap & Nasty but for anyone who appreciates a well-written book by someone who writes with passion, honesty and fantastic use of the language..."

"Absorbing, passionate and another mightily impressive book from the talented Mr Gibbs...."

"Musician, Songwriter, Author and a thoroughly good bloke, Alvin Gibbs I salute you and urge anyone... to click the link and order a copy of this book you won’t regret it for a second...."

Dom Daley - RPM Online

"Needless to say it’s a very difficult book to put down as the perils of a life on the road are told with Alvin’s typical flare, honesty, and humour..."

Mark Bestford - Devolution Magazine

"This works on all levels – whether it be as an evocative autobiography, travelogue and tour diary or a thoughtful take on the various machinations of the music industry over the years. Take your pick, Alvin has all bas(s)es superbly covered within these fast-turning pages..."

Steve Worrall - Retro Man Blog