Image of Hedersleben 2 - Die Neuen Welten - CD

Hedersleben 2 - Die Neuen Welten - CD

by Hedersleben


Second release by experimental kraut rock outfit Hedersleben featuring ex-Subs Nicky Garratt and Jason Willer.

Nicky talked exclusively to T&M about the meaning of the songs:

I envisioned the first 3 Hedersleben LPs from the band’s inception.
It's Time and Matter - or strictly Time and Space - in a sense.
The second, new album, 'Die Neuen Welten' continues our saga as we celebrate the new worlds discovered by the Kepler space telescope. Now these planets await.

Zu Den Neuen Welten
To the new worlds.
(On The Ground) Safe and Sound
The unmanned probe lands.
Nomad World (Dreamstate)
We know planets can be ejected from star systems to drift darkly through interstellar space. It has been postulated that they might be more numerous than stellar bound worlds. These orphans mimic humanity itself until we can show we are not alone.
One of Space telescope Kepler's triumphs.
Tiny Flowers/Little Moon
…and life goes on. Little Moon is our keyboard player Kephera's world - you'll need a passport.


1) Zu Den Neuen Welten
2) (On The Ground) Safe And Sound
3) Nomad World (Dreamstate)
4) XO5B
5) Tiny Flowers/Little Moon

Nicky Garratt- Guitars
Kephera Moon- Keys
Kati Knox- Vocals
Bryce Shelton- Bass
Jason Willer- Drums/Percussion